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Continuous Improvement Plan

Victory Public Charter School

The Mission of Victory Charter School is:
 To develop students who are competent, confident, productive and responsible young adults who possess the habits, skills and attitudes to succeed in high school and to be offered the invitation of a post-secondary education, satisfying employment, and life-long opportunities.

Our Vision is:
Victory students will develop a strong academic foundation, strength of character, and the work ethic and attitudes to achieve success in their chosen careers and in all aspects of their lives.

The Philosophy of Victory Charter School is…
Grounded in the belief that when there is low threat and content is highly challenging, accelerated learning takes place.  Each child has the right to come to school without fear of taunting, teasing or violence. Each parent has the right to expect a school to provide a safe, kind environment for his/her child. Each staff member has the right to teach without fear of violence. Students, parents and teachers will experience peace of mind in the Victory Public Charter School setting.  The founders believe that a “kind” environment should be extended through the potentially tumultuous junior high/middle school years.


Performance Certificate & Framework/Continuous Improvement Plan


In September 2021, the Victory Charter School District #451 Governing Board adopted Policy 1315, which allows charter school districts the option of using their Performance Certificate & Framework as their Continuous Improvement Plan. The Performance Certificate & Framework is a five-year, legally-binding document with our authorizer, the Idaho Public Charter School Commission. The document outlines the levels of performance and outcomes that must be achieved in order for a charter school. During the course of operating under this certificate, Victory has received the highest standing, Honor, in all categories and has been granted automatic renewal from its authorizer as a result. To view the Victory’s Performance Certificate & Framework, click on the link below.

Victory Performance Certificate & Framework


Past Continuous Improvement Plans

Victory Continuous Improvement Plan Narrative
Victory Continuous Improvement Plan Metrics and Demographics

2022-2023-CIP-Victory Charter #451