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Considering Victory Charter School?

Here are the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions. . .

Question:    What is a charter school?

Answer:   In 1998, the Idaho Legislature passed the Idaho Code, Chapter 52, Title 33.  This legislation allowed for the creation of up to 60 Charter Schools in the first five years after the effective date of the act.  It provides opportunities for teachers, parents, pupils and community members to establish and maintain public schools that operate independently from the existing school district structure.  This allows educational choice and encourages innovative practices.

Question:    What makes the Harbor Method different from other schools?

Answer:    The Harbor School Method is centered on the belief that “when students are given a learning environment with low threat to their personal safety and self-esteem and highly challenging academic content, the inevitable outcome is accelerated learning.”  The Harbor School Method establishes a school philosophy, embraced by teachers, the administrator, students, and parents which holds that every student is valued and every student will succeed at a high level both socially and academically.  The Harbor School character education plan results in a safe school, infused with positive peer pressure, students who are ready to learn every day, and who possess the self-discipline needed to maximize theirs and other’s education experiences.  The academic program of a Harbor School is designed to meet the needs of the students, not cater to the convenience of teachers, administrators, or the school calendar.  That means that all styles and rates of learning are taken into account, yet expectations or achievement are not compromised.  The Harbor School Method is evidence that where expectations are high and supported with proper instruction in an environment conducive to concentration and comprehension, the results are outstanding.  

Question: Do parents pay tuition to have their students attend Victory Charter School?

Answer: Victory Charter School is an independent, tuition free, public school.

Question: How can my student have the opportunity to attend Victory Charter School?

Answer: Parents may place their students on the Victory Charter School waiting list via e-mail, fax or mail. Instructions are on the admissions page. You may also fill out and submit a lottery card in person at Victory Charter School located at  9779 Kris Jensen Lane in Nampa, Idaho.

Question:    How does the lottery system work?

Answer: All classes are filled by an electronically randomized lottery, and placed in a 3 tiered priority list according to whether they have currently enrolled siblings and if their residence is within our primary attendance boundary.  When an opening occurs, the next student on the waiting list is called.  As parents complete the lottery forms, students are added to the waiting list.  Each spring the waiting list for each grade is re-lottered.  The newly ordered list is used the following school year to fill vacancies as they occur.

Question: Does Victory Charter School provide bussing for students?

Answer: Bussing is available for all Victory Charter School students who reside within Victory Charter School’s primary attendance boundary.

The primary attendance area of Victory Charter School, defined as:

  • North Boundary: The center of Lake Lowell Avenue (turning into E. Amity Avenue) to include only property on south side of road(s).  [Approx. 3 miles north of school.]
  • East Boundary: The center of Happy Valley Rd. to include only property on west side of the road. [Approx. 3 miles east of school.]
  • South Boundary: The center of Missouri Rd/Kuna Rd to include only property on north side of road(s).  [Approx. 2 miles south of school.]
  • West Boundary: The center of Midland Rd to include only property on east side of road. [Approx. 2 miles west of school.]

Question: Will Victory Charter School offer school lunches to students?

Answer:    Yes.  Students through sixth grade will be charged $1.80 per lunch. Seventh grade students will be charged $2.00 per lunch.  Students may also apply for the federal free or reduced lunch program.

Question: Is Victory Charter School a K-12 school?

Answer: As of 2009-2010 Victory Charter School serves grades k through 12.

Question: How can parents be involved?

Answer: Parents can be involved in a variety of ways, including the PTA organization, volunteering in classrooms, or offering expertise.