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About Us

Victory Charter School

In 1998, The Idaho Legislature passed the Idaho Code, Chapter 52, Title 33. This legislation allows for the creation of up to 60 Charter Schools in the first five years after the effective date of the act. It provides opportunities for teachers, parents, pupils and community member to establish and maintain schools that operate independently from the existing school district structure.

A group of dedicated parents and teachers formed the core proponents of our Charter, facilitating its conception through the final sponsorship of the school.  Victory Charter School operates as an independent, tuition free, public school under the approval of the Idaho State Board of Education Charter School Commission.

Victory employs the Harbor Method of Education and Curriculum. Learn why we use the Harbor Method of Education.

Our school started operating in the Fall of 2004, serving grades Kindergarten through the 7th grade.  Since then we have expanded through 12th grade.  Current enrollment for 2012-12  is 409 students.