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Waiting List Priority

Lottery Priority

Preferences for admission to Victory Charter School shall be as follows:

a. First, to pupils returning to Victory in the second or any subsequent year of operation. Returning students are automatically enrolled in the appropriate grade and do not need to be selected by a lottery.

b. Second, to children of founders and full-time employees provided that this admission preference shall be limited to not more than ten percent (10%) of the capacity of Victory Charter School.

c. Third, to siblings of pupils already enrolled in Victory Charter School.

d. Fourth, to students seeking to transfer from Legacy Charter School in Nampa, and who have been enrolled at Legacy for at least one year, so long as there is an existing written agreement in place for this preference between Victory and Legacy Charter Schools.

e. Fifth, to prospective students residing in the primary attendance area of Victory Charter School, defined as:

North Boundary: The center of Lake Lowell Avenue (turning into E. Amity Avenue) to include only property on south side of road(s). [Approx. 3 miles north of school.]
East Boundary: The center of Happy Valley Rd. to include only property on west side of the road. [Approx. 3 miles east of school.]
South Boundary: The center of Missouri Rd/Kuna Rd to include only property on north side of road(s). [Approx. 2 miles south of school.]
West Boundary: The center of Midland Rd to include only property on east side of road. [Approx. 2 miles west of school.]

f. Sixth, to prospective students residing outside the primary attendance area of Victory Charter School.

Student’s must live with a parent or legal guardian at the residence address as listed on the lottery card to determine boundary status.